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Gift card is the perfect gift for a good friend, colleague, or family. In our selection of gifts, there are cards in the amounts of 20, 30, and 50 euros. Memorable experiences are the best gifts!

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Everything went very well! Thank you for the great game. We especially excelled with the timing, otherwise we would have definitely been a hindrance to the prompters later on! Thanks again and good luck to you!
Thank you to your team for creating a great game. It was exciting to play, and time flew by very quickly. We will definitely play again in the future.
Thank you for such a strong and lively game. We had a lot of fun and it was incredibly nice to do it in the Old Town, as foreigners are very good participants. We also managed to recruit a couple of Estonian girls and one active Estonian guy. At the moment, I can't make any suggestions to change anything. We can come up with more tasks over time with the new brides-to-be :) Our bride was very happy with her day. Once again, a big thank you and good luck with organizing future girls' nights!