Self-guided city tours - Game guides you to the most important sights of the city, directs your attention to details and tells you exciting stories about your surroundings. Speed is not important! Main goal is to explore the city and enjoy the time in it.

Treasure hunts - As the name suggests, the task of the game is to find a hidden treasure in the city.
Anniversary Adventure Games - Games designed to create awesome experiences and celebrate something special (birthday or getting married). The games involve taking crazy and funny photos (pictures are saved to your phone) and interacting with strangers.

Adventures at Home - Games that are not location specific and you can be played wherever!

1. Find a game that you like from our online store and buy the required number of tickets.
2. After making the payment, you will receive an e-mail with the invoice and the game password.
3. Download the Loquiz app to your phone
4. To start the game, open the app, enter the unique username and password sent to you, and start the game.

You need a charged smartphone with a Loquiz app downloaded and a ticket for the game which you can buy from our online store.

Everybody! We have games both for children and adults. Games are suitable for tourists and for locals.

Whenever you want - even at night!

We have games in different cities in Estonia and in Mariehamn, Sweden.

Rule is to have one smartphone with a game ticket for a group of 1-4 people.

It depends on the game but the averange is 2 hours. Speed is not important in most of our games. You can start in the early morning, make some cafe stops ad finish late at night - whatever suits you the best!

Our mobile games can be played in each city, based on the same code, until up to 200 days from the date of purchase. This means that you still have 200 days to play the game. The cost of the game will not be refunded. The code you received when you purchased the game is unique and can only be used once. As soon as the game starts, the code is activated.

For other questions, send an e-mail to

Have fun!