100 Minutes in MARIEHAMN


100 MINUTES is an intriguing strategy game that involves the use of tablets or smartphones. The playground is the surrounding landscape, where scattered virtual checkpoints are to be found.


It`s time to make some strategy and get as many right answers as possible!

Move on the field according to the map and answer questions. Each question gives or takes certain amount of points. The value of the questions is marked on the map. Your aim is to get 100 points and to have the most correct answers. Don’t get too greedy – if you get more than 100 points you will burst your score.

Winner is the team who gets closest to the 100 points and have the most correct answers!
* the game lasts 100 minutes
* the questions open automatically when you arrive to the right place
* there might be more than one correct answer for a question
* some questions have time limit. So, pay attention and be fast!

Additional information




1-3 players= 1 ticket

length of the game

~2 hours

When to play



English, Finnish, Swedish