Adventure in Mariehamn 2023


MARIEHAMN – THE HEART OF THE BALTIC SEA. The Åland Islands consist of altogether 6,700 islands and offer unique archipelago culture, maritime heritage and natural beauty. It`s time to discover this unique town.

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Mariehamn is a large small town with its 11,500 inhabitants. The town centre has much to offer in a small space; you are always near shopping, restaurants, culture and experiences. Mariehamn is also called “the town of the thousand Linden trees”, referring to the Linden trees which line an avenue across town.

Your goal in this game is to walk according to a map, answer questions, collect points and of course explore the Mariehamn city. Each question has different value. The value of the questions are marked on the map. Questions will open automatically when you arrive to the right place. Make a strategy, answer correctly and collect as many points as possible.

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English, Finnish, Swedish

When to play



1-3 players= 1 ticket

length of the game

~2 hours