Master of Seas in MARIEHAMN


Collect points, answer questions and explore the Mariehamn city!

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Welcome to play a game called Master of Seas!

Your goal in this game is to walk according to a map, answer questions, collect points and of course explore the Mariehamn city. Each question has different value. The value of the questions are marked on the map. Questions will open automatically when you arrive to the right place. Your aim is to get 60 points and to have the most correct answers. Don’t get too greedy – if you get more than 60 points you will burst your score. If the score happens to go over 60, then there are also minus points on the playing field that can be used to bring the score back down.


The game has time limit of 60 minutes so you have to be relatively quick to go through all the points.

Consider the traffic and do not intrude on private property!

Now it’s time to make your strategy and start!

In the last minute of the game you will get a photo task. Make sure to complete this task to get special points!

In case of technical questions, please make a call: + 0400405933

Have fun! Stay safe!

Additional information



length of the game

~2 hours




1-3 players= 1 ticket

When to play